Case Study Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury (ACL)

23 years old male, playing football twisted his right knee, immediately painful and swollen. Not able to continue playing had to be carried off the field

Conservative treatment undertaken. No better, knee still giving way, seen by doctor and referred for physiotherapy.

Was still not able to return to playing football. Knee giving way on any twisting and turning movements followed by swelling and pain.

Sought specialist Orthopaedic advice MRI scan organised, Anterior cruciate ligament injury (ACL) confirmed.

mri scan showing torn ACL and image of key hole view of torn acl

MRI scan of torn ACL Torn ACL at keyhole surgery

Patient underwent ACL reconstruction with a four strand hamsting tendon graft using keyhole surgery.
anterior cruciate ligament hamstring graft

Prepared Hamstring Graft

reconstructed acl using keyhole surgury

Surgery performed by
Mr Aslam Mohammed
Hip & Knee Surgeon
Reconstructed ACL at keyhole surgery

Post operative rehabilitation under care of physiotherapists.

Rehabilitated over a period of 6 months and was able to return to playing football with no symptoms.

High Detailed Diagnostic Pictures