Ex-Scan UK Diagnostic & Research Open MRI Scanning

Preparation for your MRI scan

You will need to have completed a safety questionnaire and have it with you. It is important that there is no metal on your clothing or person. Please try to come for your scan in leisure clothes i.e. a tracksuit, leggings or shorts for lower limb examination. Changing facilities are available. Prior to your scan you can eat and drink normally. You may wish to bring a friend or relative with you. If they wish to stay with you during the MRI scan they too will have to complete a safety questionnaire.

On arrival your details and safety questionnaire will be checked with you by the radiographer, who will explain the procedure and answer any questions you may have.

You will be asked to remove any metallic objects, watches, jewellery, spectacles, keys and credit cards.

What will happen during your MRI examination?

You will be ask to lie on the MRI scanner table and make yourself comfortable. The radiographer will position the part to be scanned carefully in the scanner. During the MRI scan you will not feel anything but will be required to stay still to achieve the best possible images.

The whole examination process takes approximately 30 - 45 minutes per body part being examined. You will not require any injections and only the part of your body requested by your Doctor or source of referral will be scanned.